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04/25/19: THE END
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/25/19: -->
04/24/19: -->
04/23/19: -->
04/23/19: F: Approach the ancient spirit
04/22/19: F: Find source of the light
04/22/19: F: Go into square hole
04/21/19: F: Pretty please?
04/21/19: F: Ask Rowan to land
04/20/19: Reader: Return to flashback
04/20/19: -->
04/19/19: -->
04/19/19: -->
04/19/19: -->
04/19/19: -->
04/19/19: -->
04/19/19: READER: Rage and close comic
04/18/19: AUTHOR: Wait look at this
04/17/19: READER: Return to suspenseful flashback
04/17/19: READER: Ask if author likes setup
04/16/19: AUTHOR: Give more accurate imagery of where the author works
04/16/19: AUTHOR: Hastily create some filler pages to prolong suspense
04/15/19: F: Climb down
04/15/19: -->
04/14/19: -->
04/14/19: -->
04/14/19: F: Ponder the events that have lead to here and then cry
04/14/19: F: Consider leap of faith
04/13/19: F: Get up and look around
04/13/19: -->
04/13/19: -->
04/12/19: -->
04/12/19: -->
04/12/19: F: Yoink down pole and get flashbacks of origins
04/11/19: OO: Zip line over and duck into the sky scraper
04/11/19: E: Fire the harpoon gun at the next skyscraper
04/10/19: OO: Find a way out of this skyscraper
04/10/19: F: Skedadle the heck outta there
04/10/19: F: Break the terminal
04/09/19: OO: All decide to take a nap
04/09/19: F: Pass out from absolute lore dump that entered your mind
04/09/19: AUTHOR: You should totally tldr it lmao
04/08/19: F: Press red button
04/08/19: -->
04/07/19: OO: Go to the end of the hallway
04/07/19: Maerck: Ask petre how's it going?
04/07/19: Maerck: Ask Pipe for name
04/07/19: Maerck: Befriend
04/06/19: Maerck: Keep on going
04/06/19: -->
04/06/19: -->
04/06/19: -->
04/05/19: Maerck: Unleash the inner beast
04/05/19: Maerck: Slither away
04/05/19: Maerck: Tolerate face for just a bit longer to hear his question
04/05/19: Maerck: Talk to face with very little English you know
04/05/19: T: Send Maerck inside to negotiate with potential strangers
04/05/19: T: Let M do his thing, maybe something will happen
04/05/19: OO: Knock on one of the doors
04/04/19: OO: Go downstairs
04/04/19: E: Express concern for Maercks health
04/03/19: T: Conjure more burg
04/03/19: T: Ask Maerck what's making him so angry
04/03/19: T: Name snake Maerck
04/02/19: T: Acquaint him with Stephven
04/02/19: F: Freeze the snake, take the box
04/02/19: T: Give snake burg to acquire friendship
04/02/19: T: Bargain with the snake for the burg
04/02/19: F: Remember that Big Burg poster is yours and pick it up
04/01/19: V: Lambast Timmard for revealing that they did indeed have a burg to the snake
04/01/19: T: Shrug at snake, explain you don’t actually have a burg, just the poster
04/01/19: T: Tell boxer the burg is his if he comes out of the box
04/01/19: T: Drop poster on floor
04/01/19: OO: Offer it a big burger
04/01/19: E: Leave Toothboy to his introspective skyscraper gazing
03/31/19: -->
03/30/19: E&Toothboy: ponder metaphysical properties of the candi that had previously not existed
03/30/19: E: Throw candy off edge
03/30/19: AUTHOR: Casually self-insert into story
03/30/19: E: Admire the view with Toothboy
03/30/19: E: Ask toothboy how he is doing and whats he's doing up here
03/29/19: E: Go upstairs hoping to reach the roof eventually
03/29/19: E: Close shop and go investigate upstairs
03/29/19: E: Check shop
03/28/19: OO: Invite Edith to the team and ask about weapons
03/28/19: OO: Group huddle to talk about the idea of recruiting Edith to the Oblong Operatives
03/28/19: T: Ask Edith why she has been in that room
03/28/19: T: Ask her who she is and apologize for shooting the door if she had the key
03/28/19: T: Ask the person in the room if they are alright
03/28/19: T: Break the window
03/28/19: T: Yell
03/28/19: T: Try to get attention of stranger
03/27/19: T: Check closed doors
03/27/19: OO: Walk down
03/27/19: -->
03/27/19: F: Use strange circular key on Victor's door
03/27/19: OO: Exit shop
03/27/19: T: Be indignant
03/26/19: V: Buy insatiable ammo satchel
03/26/19: V: Check the upgrades you can do
03/26/19: F: Upgrade hand
03/26/19: F: Whatcha selling?
03/25/19: OO: Summon the shop
03/25/19: OO: Continue back
03/24/19: F: Pick up elbow and spike
03/24/19: OO: Remove the spike from victor and apply the bandages to heal him
03/24/19: -->
03/24/19: V: Let Stephven do his thing
03/24/19: -->
03/23/19: V: Pick up the bullets and pump the bastard that hit ya full of lead
03/23/19: V: Remove appendage and kick it sharply
03/23/19: V: Attempt to remain hard boiled in the face of extreme pain
03/23/19: F&T: Use telekinesis to pull the arm taught, then use exo swords to slice at the elbow
03/23/19: OO: Tell Stephven to charge up his ultimate attack
03/22/19: F: Summon more swords
03/22/19: SAALGGGS: Use spell "corporate consumerism"
03/22/19: V: Put Stephven on chair and push it at them
03/22/19: F: Use psycho hand to arm wrestle other demon hand
03/22/19: V: Command Stephven to attack one of the demon arms
03/22/19: T: Levitate stephven for better angle of attack
03/22/19: SAALGGGS: Use spell "whirlwind of advertisement pamphlets" to deal paper cut damage
03/22/19: V: Wiggle the swords to deal X-tra damage
03/22/19: T: Use mild telekinesis to flip tie into Saalgggs topmost mouth
03/22/19: F: Add more swords to eye
03/22/19: V: Flick cigarette into one of the mouths
03/22/19: F: Stab eye in the middle
03/21/19: OO: Prepare defensive form and give Stephven sword
03/21/19: F: Use gun of freezing to cease enemy attacks
03/21/19: -->
03/21/19: T: Try throwing a glove at the boss again
03/21/19: V: Command STEPHVEN to attack the boss
03/21/19: T: Tell him his tie is crooked and throw your glove at the boss
03/21/19: OO: Team pose as you draw your weapons
03/20/19: -->
03/20/19: -->
03/20/19: -->
03/20/19: -->
03/20/19: V: Get to stephvens back and point down the hall way and yell march
03/20/19: STEPHVEN: Eat Victor
03/20/19: V: Pet stephven for a job well done
03/19/19: OO: Command Stephven to attack the chair
03/19/19: V: Jump and land flat on the floor
03/19/19: V: Push the chair with that guy standing on it. And extra hard too.
03/19/19: V: Push chair down the hall
03/19/19: OO: Take right
03/18/19: F: Consider this information and continue exploring
03/18/19: F: Think back to when you've seen a circular keyhole
03/18/19: F: Try to wake up Timmard
03/18/19: F: Show new key to the rest of the team
03/18/19: F: Look around and pick up key and coins
03/18/19: F: Jump in
03/17/19: OO: Give in to narrative railing by peering into the window that looks off
03/17/19: OO: Open unlocked door
03/17/19: OO: Right chair
03/17/19: OO: Take a gander inside the door
03/17/19: OO: Unlock door and kick it down to establish dominance
03/16/19: OO: Check the narrow door
03/16/19: OO: Look over loot left from eyeboy
03/16/19: F: Heal timmard
03/16/19: F: Slice that eyeboy up
03/16/19: OO: Explain to eyeboy that you think you are being followed
03/16/19: OO: RUN
03/16/19: OO: Turn around again
03/16/19: OO: Look behind again
03/16/19: OO: Move forwards
03/15/19: T: Steal the sword
03/15/19: OO: Look behind you
03/15/19: OO: Search elsewhere for eyeboy
03/15/19: F: Roll for perception on corner
03/15/19: OO: Look around for eyeboy
03/15/19: OO: Start conversation with toothboy
03/15/19: T: Feed toothboy that peanut snack
03/15/19: OO: Analyze inventories for snacks
03/14/19: OO: Ask toothboy if it wants a snack
03/14/19: OO: Continue exploring dungeon
03/14/19: OO: Pose as a team
03/14/19: F&V&T: Make a cool team name
03/13/19: F: Try to zoom out your VIEWPORT
03/13/19: F&V&T: Go back to the dungeon
03/13/19: T: Show off legs after that workout
03/12/19: V: Invite Timmard on your dungeon adventure
03/12/19: T: Work those legs out
03/12/19: V: Greet neighbor
03/12/19: F&V: Check on cone man
03/12/19: V: Name turtle
03/12/19: V: Pick up the turtle and bring it with you
03/11/19: F&V: Let the man go back to his nap and go back to your adventure
03/11/19: V: Ask him about the code he remembers
03/11/19: F: Suddenly realize you have dried blood on your sides and attempt to clean it off
03/10/19: V: Ask him some sleuthing questions
03/10/19: F: Poke the mustache man
03/10/19: F&V: Look down both hallways
03/09/19: F: Pick up old note on the ground, give it a quick re-read
03/09/19: V: Very gruffly say, "Get outta here, scram!"
03/09/19: V: Take one very threatening step forward as you reach into your pocket for your revolver
03/09/19: V: Use the cold, hardened stare of a gruff investigator to intimidate eye boy
03/09/19: F&V: Go back to eyeboy
03/09/19: T: Inspect window
03/09/19: F: Have a meltdown under the desk
03/08/19: T: Roll up big burg poster and store it for safe keeping
03/08/19: T: Clean up big burg poster
03/08/19: Conular Man: Step off chair and inspect big burg poster
03/08/19: F: Go back to Victor, this is a dungeon that needs a buddy’s help
03/08/19: F: Eject random item from inventory and book it
03/08/19: F: Shrug and continue to explore
03/08/19: F: Attempt to get the man's attention
03/08/19: F: Forget about that and check on the owner of the feet that you found
03/08/19: F: Eat wall to make hole larger
03/08/19: F: While the liquid is draining, check what was in that room the crawlspace led to
03/07/19: F: Shoot the breeze with Victor while the liquid drains
03/07/19: F: Check on conular man
03/07/19: F: Stab hole just above the office window on the outside
03/07/19: F: Lick the liquid off the floor
03/07/19: F: Use your hand ability to punch the door
03/07/19: F: Slide big burg poster through hole in wall
03/07/19: F: Inspect liquid
03/06/19: F: Inquire about the conic fellow
03/06/19: F: Use the pristine lockpick on the door
03/06/19: F&V: Impromptu brofist before continuing adventure
03/06/19: F: Open the desk drawer and find something wack inside
03/06/19: F: Take harpoon gun and return to Victor with your info
03/06/19: F: Open the narrow door
03/06/19: F: Observe the lock on the door
03/06/19: F: Swear to yourself that you will return for him
03/05/19: F: Shout to the dude
03/05/19: F: Look in hole
03/05/19: F: Keep going
03/05/19: F: Try to squeeze through the crawlspace
03/05/19: F: Open the narrow door
03/05/19: F: Search for clues
03/05/19: F: Tightrope walk across
03/04/19: F: Try to setup hook and rope
03/04/19: V: Take the gun
03/04/19: V: Try the combo on the safe
03/04/19: F: Yell to the man about the trap door
03/04/19: F: Climb the ladder
03/04/19: F: Take the key
03/04/19: F: Throw the pot at the wall
03/04/19: F: Chant reality shifting incantation
03/04/19: F: Go out the door
03/04/19: F: Read the note
03/04/19: F: Eat the flower
03/04/19: F: Pick up knife and say "thats a knoif" then eat it
03/04/19: F: Grab hook and rope
03/04/19: F: Set up folding ladder so you can get out
03/04/19: F: Go down hatch
03/03/19: F: Jump down to death
03/03/19: F: See hatch open on skyscraper
03/03/19: V: Chair time
03/03/19: V: Flick switch
03/03/19: V: Try to leave the office
03/02/19: V: Investigate the note
03/02/19: V: Try again but on both walls
03/02/19: V: Smack face against the wall and find a hidden safe
03/01/19: Be silly man
03/01/19: Ask silly man how he is doing
03/01/19: Ask silly man for forgiveness
03/01/19: Yell at silly man
03/01/19: Go in door
03/01/19: Push button
02/28/19: Put sword in safe
02/28/19: Use combo from paper on safe
02/28/19: Use apple on paper then use match on paper
02/27/19: Look at book
02/27/19: Try opening the safe as is
02/27/19: Get the key
02/27/19: Get sword to knock key off branch
02/27/19: Climb up hat rack and search on tree
02/26/19: Quickly put on a hat
02/26/19: Search for clues that connect to the papers
02/26/19: Search bookcases for combo
02/26/19: Lift poster to inspect behind it
02/25/19: Inspect big burg
02/24/19: Jump in hat
02/23/19: -->
02/22/19: Eat the sword
02/21/19: -->
02/21/19: Use psycho hand to stop the fall
02/21/19: -->
02/20/19: -->
02/19/19: -->
02/19/19: -->
02/19/19: JUMP
02/19/19: -->
02/19/19: -->
02/19/19: -->
02/18/19: -->
02/18/19: -->
02/18/19: Contemplate life and existence
02/18/19: -->
02/18/19: -->
02/17/19: Walk in
02/17/19: Go to the right guard tower
02/16/19: Take a nap
02/16/19: Push up on controller
02/16/19: JUMP
02/15/19: Go forward
02/15/19: Turn right and walk forward
02/15/19: Peer down the left hallway
02/14/19: Turn right and walk
02/14/19: Use new skill on guard
02/14/19: j
02/14/19: Talk to guard
02/13/19: Go through the opening in the bars
02/13/19: Use that spell on that hole in the door
02/13/19: Peek out the door hole
02/12/19: Use the spell on the door
02/12/19: Eat the door
02/12/19: Eat that apple slice
02/12/19: Search fashionable outfit for useful items
02/11/19: Try to open the door
02/11/19: Read the scroll
02/11/19: Eat the note
02/11/19: Read the note again
02/11/19: Read the note
02/10/19: Look around
02/10/19: In a mystical land in some distant reality...