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05/05/19: -->
05/05/19: Leave while singing bohemian rhapsody
05/05/19: Use wardens momentum from headbutt to throw to the floor
05/05/19: Put your hand out to block the headbutt
05/05/19: Place the snake on wardens face
05/05/19: Find a bundle of keys on the warden
05/05/19: See if the concrete is alright
05/04/19: Run at him screaming LEEROY JENKINS
05/04/19: Use tongue as lock pick on key hole
05/04/19: Test key on doors as you go down corridor
05/04/19: Look down the hall way upside down
05/04/19: Open the prison door with katana
05/03/19: Walk towards exit backwards
05/03/19: Go through the vent with your eyes closed
05/03/19: See if vent is big enough to crawl into
05/03/19: Pick up key and look in vent
05/02/19: Slam your head into the vent cover to open it
05/02/19: Dive in
05/02/19: Look through window
05/02/19: Climb down
05/02/19: Look down
05/02/19: Continue on through the prison, someone will proteins him
05/02/19: Take a photo of him with your phone
05/02/19: Take his picture and post online
05/01/19: Put his body in a respectable position
05/01/19: Pray for his soul
05/01/19: Leave cell
05/01/19: Wonder why everyone is locked up while keys are everywhere
04/30/19: Check if door is unlocked
04/30/19: Use key on door
04/30/19: Take katana
04/30/19: Switch prisoners
04/30/19: Slam your head through the bars of the window
04/30/19: Look in some of the windows
04/30/19: Go back and grab that guys foot
04/30/19: Run as fast as you can into a wall
04/30/19: Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200
04/29/19: Analyze your surroundings
04/29/19: Yell at him and slap him
04/29/19: See if guy is okay
04/29/19: Face palm with your foot
04/28/19: Consider the possibility that you have super strength
04/28/19: Take the key and leave
04/28/19: Replace foot with key from door as peg leg
04/28/19: Try and put foot back
04/28/19: Apologize to man
04/28/19: Eat knife
04/27/19: Poke his toes with the soup ladle
04/27/19: Ask him if hes hurt
04/27/19: Yeet the knife at him
04/27/19: Talk with person in front of you
04/27/19: Get knife
04/27/19: Go to the left door
04/27/19: Knock him out
04/27/19: Completely blind him with the key
04/27/19: Get up and smack him
04/27/19: Yell in englishmen
04/27/19: Attempt to communicate again
04/27/19: Stab him in the eye with a key
04/27/19: Try to communicate
04/27/19: Get out of your cell, finally
04/27/19: Ask if he's alright
04/27/19: Throw your axe at the man, he might find it useful
04/27/19: Tell man to press button
04/26/19: Look out window
04/26/19: Pick up key
04/26/19: Ponder the limits of two dimensional space
04/26/19: Spray paint a summoning circle to summon a demon
04/26/19: Drop axe on toes
04/26/19: Break the lock w the axe
04/26/19: Grab axe on way down
04/26/19: Wall jump and hit button
04/26/19: Look at the ceiling to see if there's anything up there
04/26/19: Open the door
04/26/19: Die
04/26/19: Create the matierials using your new found creation ability
04/26/19: Make an infinity gauntlet
04/26/19: Bang on door
04/26/19: Eat foot
04/26/19: Eat existence
04/26/19: Eat door
04/26/19: Eat axe
04/26/19: Eat axe and obtain axe hands
04/26/19: You have been sentenced to prison for life