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06/03/19: Book it out of there
06/01/19: Fly up off of object
05/31/19: Whistle a calming tune
05/30/19: Inspect it
05/29/19: Jump and attempt to headbutt the thing
05/28/19: Lick it with your proboscis
05/27/19: Go check it out
05/26/19: Do an aileron roll
05/25/19: Casually wander off to the right
05/24/19: Drift away on the wind current
05/23/19: Take out wooden flute and start playing a calming tune
05/22/19: Keep flapping to cause a global warming
05/21/19: Take out umbrella cap
05/20/19: *flap*
05/20/19: On a regular unassuming stick...